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Driven by a yearning to make living spaces as beautiful as possible, Chaim Stern created CSTERN Design, a full-service residential and commercial interior design studio. Chaim’s passion for interior designs began at a very young age. This passion led him into specializing in the field of space planning design, and has used that specialty in

founding and managing CSTERN Design.



Since 2018, CSTERN Design has continued to give its magic touch to each space we work on; treating interior and exterior spaces as though having their own unique persona. Gathering specialized design experience from 2015 to 2018 in Brooklyn, New York, and successfully completing the prestigious course in Space Planning Design from the Institute for Career Advancement, the founder of CSTERN Design has carefully crafted a unique signature and a niche for himself and his team in the field of interior and exterior designs.

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1353 49th street

brooklyn, n.y. 11219


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